Gerolstein naar 2022

Helaas heeft de Stad-Raad van Gerolstein besloten om alle voorstellingen op te schorten tot eind juli van dit jaar. Dit betekent jammergenoeg dat het festival Dixiecity Gerolstein verschoven wordt naar 2022…

One thought on “Gerolstein naar 2022

  1. Perhaps, if everyone is sensible for a little longer, it may be possible for us to travel this year. The new Indian variant is a cause for much concern and the UK may be taking too much risk too soon. I am still wishing that Snake City Jazz Festival will happen and it will be possible for us all to meet there. I had my second Pfizer jab in March so I have the best protection I can get but I am not going anywhere until I am sure it is safe. Take great care and stay safe and well.

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